Did you know that Everyone has a unique way of attracting money?

Discover How You, Specifically YOU, are designed to do Money

  • Core Money Strengths

    Discover the natural talents and advantages you possess in handling money. These strengths can guide you in making financial decisions that are aligned with your innate capabilities, helping you to optimize your financial strategies effectively.

  • Potential Financial Challenges

    Identify specific obstacles and challenges that may be hindering your financial progress. Understanding these can help you address and overcome patterns that have previously led to financial stress or mismanagement.

  • Unique Money Personality:

    Gain a deeper understanding of your overall approach to money, including how you save, spend, and think about finances. This knowledge empowers you to make more conscious choices that align with your true financial values and goals.

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    1. Ruler

    2. Accumulator

    3. Connector

    4. Alchemist

    5. Maverick

    6. Celebrity

    7. Nurturer

    8. Romantic

    1. The Ruler Archetype

    2. The Accumulator Archetype

    3. The Connector Archetype

    4. The Alchemist Archetype

    5. The Maverick Archetype

    6. The Celebrity Archetype

    7. The Nurturer Archetype

    8. The Romantic Archetype

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    2. Money Meditation

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  • Money Maters

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    Powerful meditation to attract money.

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